Spookshow Haunted Screampark
Spookshow Haunted Screampark... THE MOST BRUTAL HAUNTED HOUSE IN UTAH! 
General Admission Ticket * no hands-on * - $25.00
Experience the wasteland of terror without being brutalized! You will not be touched! 
DeathTouch Hands-on Ticket - $30.00
Full contact hands-on!! You will be touched, grabbed, and possibly locked in a trap!
RedBand Extreme Hands-on Ticket - $35.00
True brutality! The most insane hands-on experience in Utah! You will be touched, grabbed, carried away, isolated, separated from your group, held captive, and covered in BLOOD! 
Just Remember... In The Desert... No One Can Hear You SCREAM!!! 


510 E River Side Dr
Price , UTAH 84501



Spookshow Haunted Screampark


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